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Enjoy our newest service, the Isolation tank.
With 800 lbs of Epsom Salt and 200 gallons of water. 30,60 or 90 minute float in the zero gravity chamber. This lightless, soundproof chamber removes all stimuli from your surroundings. These are a few conditions known to be improved by floating:
*Stress Relief,  *Muscular Pain, *Rheumatism, *Insomnia, * Chronic Pain, * Higi Blood Pressure, *Migraine Headache, * Anxiety, * PTSD,  *Depression

$35, $65 or $85

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Lynn Avery: Our Concord office Manager and Instant Body Contouring Technician.

Owner, LMT, Certified Ultrasound and Laser Technician; Michelle Davis Schedules appointments in the Newport office.